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Bill Murray on Gilda Radner:

"Gilda got married and went away. None of us saw her anymore. There was one good thing: Laraine had a party one night, a great party at her house. And I ended up being the disk jockey. She just had forty-fives, and not that many, so you really had to work the music end of it. There was a collection of like the funniest people in the world at this party. Somehow Sam Kinison sticks in my brain. The whole Monty Python group was there, most of us from the show, a lot of other funny people, and Gilda. Gilda showed up and she’d already had cancer and gone into remission and then had it again, I guess. Anyway she was slim. We hadn’t seen her in a long time. And she started doing, “I’ve got to go,” and she was just going to leave, and I was like, “Going to leave?” It felt like she was going to really leave forever.

So we started carrying her around, in a way that we could only do with her. We carried her up and down the stairs, around the house, repeatedly, for a long time, until I was exhausted. Then Danny did it for a while. Then I did it again. We just kept carrying her; we did it in teams. We kept carrying her around, but like upside down, every which way—over your shoulder and under your arm, carrying her like luggage. And that went on for more than an hour—maybe an hour and a half—just carrying her around and saying, “She’s leaving! This could be it! Now come on, this could be the last time we see her. Gilda’s leaving, and remember that she was very sick—hello?”

We worked all aspects of it, but it started with just, “She’s leaving, I don’t know if you’ve said good-bye to her.” And we said good-bye to the same people ten, twenty times, you know. 

And because these people were really funny, every person we’d drag her up to would just do like five minutes on her, with Gilda upside down in this sort of tortured position, which she absolutely loved. She was laughing so hard we could have lost her right then and there.

It was just one of the best parties I’ve ever been to in my life. I’ll always remember it. It was the last time I saw her.”

- from Live from New York: an Uncensored History of Saturday Night Live

Kaiju just like your shoes, boo.

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Chile, 2013. from kate on Vimeo.

I traveled through Chile with my friend. We started on Isla de Chiloé and visited Ancud (where the penguins are!), Castro, and Chiloé National Park, and then we went up to Pucon and saw some volcanoes. After that we spent some time in Valparaíso and Viña del Mar before heading to Santiago.

This is my first attempt at Windows Movie Maker. Don’t hate.

Music is “Blood” by The Middle East.

After nearly a year together at the Odense Zoo in Denmark, the same-sex couple attempted to become parents of their own. Keepers witnessed the pair trying to steal other couples’ eggs. And during brooding season, the penguins even tried to incubate a dead herring.

“[The two] seriously wanted to stay with an egg,” zoologist Nina Christensen told The Star.

The Odense Zoo reports that the penguins were recipients of an unexpected blessing when a female penguin laid not one but two eggs. She ultimately ditched the second egg, which afforded the male couple to become adoptive parents.

However, before they were given the egg, the males had to practice on artificial eggs. Once proven capable, they received and successfully incubated the egg.

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SNL celebrating Obama’s win at 30 Rock.

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